Welcome to the new week everyone. It was not a crazy buys weekend in the tech world but there were a handful of interesting stories that popped up.

Here are three that caught my eye:

NVIDIA CEO Confirms Development of Surface RT 2 (Windows IT Pro) – This should not really come as a surprise to anyone that Microsoft is going to release a second generation Surface device. However, as Paul points out in this article, the fact that they are apparently bringing their RT version of service to a second generation is causing some head turns. This is especially interesting as many of the other manufacturers have decided to leave Windows RT behind.

NBC News buys Stringwire, hopes to bring user-generated live video to the news room (Engadget) – Another big news name decides that citizen journalism is the way to go. CNN has done this for a few years with their iReport site and many other news sites encourage user submissions as well.  Now NBC appears to want to house these user generated videos on their own property.  News has certainly been changed by social media hasn’t it?

Rumour: Nokia Tablet coming end of September, Nokia Phablet in beginning of November (WPoweruser) – There are many out there who want to see Windows Phone on a tablet sized screen and this just may be it.  I have been involved in discussions across Twitter where many would like to see Windows Phone replace Windows RT on Surface devices as well. Their argument is that Windows Phone is a truly mobile system and makes more sense on tablet devices than the supposedly confusing Windows RT.

Oh yeah there was also a rumor about a 10 Sep event to announce a new iPhone to keep an eye on as it went viral this past weekend.

Have a great week and don’t forget tomorrow is Patch Tuesday.