Microsoft has just published a webpage with their Microsoft by the Numbers statistics, which looks strikingly familiar to a new operating system from them, to show the broad impact various software, devices and services from the company are having around the world.


Now this is not the first time Microsoft has published these stats, in fact they did it as recently as June 2013, but if you expect to be able to compare this two month period of growth by putting the stats side by side then you will be disappointed.

It appears this latest version is using the same data in most of the categories and they have added a few other areas that was not covered in the June stats.

For instance, Windows 8 licenses sold still shows over 100 million and the number of Windows Store downloads still shows 250 million.

So while the information has some interesting stats such as the number of pizza slices eating each year at Microsoft cafeterias (554,000) or the number of gallons in free beverages that are drank on campus each year (2.6 million) it lacks any significant updates to the cumulative totals in the key business areas.

Now that this informational page has its own spot on the web maybe updates will begin to show those growth/decline trends.