So much Xbox 360 and Xbox One news came out in the last 24 hours that I have decided to summarize it in a single post.

Xbox One- Sharing Digital Games and Gold ( – Nice to see some of these features re-surfacing after the whole post E3 reversal process.  Digital games will be shareable on an Xbox One console by different users under their own login credentials.  Your own digital downloads are accessible to you on any Xbox One console you sign into and it will still be accessible back at home to gamers under your own roof.  Home Gold will allow some Gold subscription benefits including multiplayer gaming, Game DVR, SmartMatch and entertainment apps plus when you are away form home on a friends Xbox One console you can sign in and give everyone on that console access to multiplayer gaming and entertainment apps while you are logged in. If your friends come over to play on your Xbox One they can enjoy these same benefits as well without you being signed into the console.

An update on the change from MS Points to Local Currency ( – After the next Xbox 360 console update is released, which is expected in the coming weeks, any redemption of points or purchases made with points will get translated into your local currency.  No more conversions to figure out and you will know exactly wheat an item costs prior to its purchase. Microsoft Points cards that are still on shelves after this shift will still be redeemable for the equivalent local currency.

GameStop Offering Exclusive Upgrade Credit Toward New Xbox One Video Games (GameStop) – If you are a GameStop PowerUp Rewards member you will get a $50 guaranteed minimum credit when you trade in eligible Xbox 360 games for an upgrade to the Xbox One version of the same game. There are only five games on the list though – Call of Duty: Ghosts, Madden NFL 25, FIFA 14, Battlefield 4 and Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag. Pretty nice deal that would let you buy the Xbox 360 version of the game, play it out and then trade it in for the Xbox One version to play on the new console.

Microsoft doing away with current Xbox Live Gold Family Packs Aug. 27 ( – We have known this was coming for a few months after writing about the Family Gold Pack not being available for purchase anymore back in March. well know the emails have started arriving to current Family Gold subscribers letting them make a choice by the 27th of August to convert everyone on a Family Gold package to individual gold subscribers. That would be a very expensive evolution – even if you grabbed the annual subscriptions as a discount. The fairly decent part of the deal is that each account would convert to their own gold subscription and have the same amount of time remaining that the Family Gold Package had. So if there was 6 months left then each individual would have their own gold account for 6 months. Then you get to decide to renew or not. Check out the Xbox Live Gold Family Pack Conversion to Individual Memberships FAQ for further clarification.

I told you there was a big collection of Xbox related news in the last day or so!

So are you pleased to see some of the digital sharing features of the Xbox One coming back to the console?