Lots of news this past week seemed to indicate that third party apps trying to access Instagram from your Windows Phone were all going to crash and burn.

In fact, just the other day we asked the question what exactly was holding Instagram aka Facebook back from creating a Windows Phone App?

It now seems there might be an answer to that question.

Rudy Huyn, the developer of the popular 6sec app for Vine access on Windows Phone, who has been working on a third party Instagram app over the last couple of weeks just posted the next steps in his app’s, 6tagram, development.

Then in a follow up tweet to another question he added:

Rudy indicated in an earlier tweet that he had been on the phone with Instagram to discuss things and then the above tweets followed along.

Then the answer came out in a subsequent tweet that helps us understand exactly what is happening with 6tagram:

So we will finally have an app that is supported by Instagram and that should not get closed off when a change happens in the API.

Congrats Rudy!