Welcome to Episode 97.

Not only are we just three episodes from our 100th but this is a contraband episode as well. Listen in on the show and I will explain why!

Plenty of news this week to talk about when it comes to Microsoft as they had quite a few product and services announcements at the Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC), which was held in Houston this week for over 14,000 partners, and the public announcement of Microsoft’s reorganization plans.

After talking about the announcements at WPC 13 and the plans for Microsoft’s reorganization we discuss the best kept secret in Windows Phone, the new Nokia Lumia 1020, which was revealed to the public officially today. That camera looks simply amazing and the level of detail it gives you is beyond anything out there on a smartphone right now.

I spend some time telling you about my experience trying out the AT&T Locker Cloud Storage service, which did not go well at all, and the fact that SkyDrive brings us all of those features on Windows Phone anyway.

Some other items we hit is my predictions on when we will see the final bits of Windows 8.1 on all of our devices, Twitter updates to sync direct messages, a cumulative Surface Pro firmware and driver update package, the continued fall of PC shipments, an Acer Iconia W3 review, why Kids Corner on Windows Phone 8 is such a great feature and Nextgen Reader keeping Windows Phone 7 users in the Feedly loop.

Wrapping things up we talk about T-Mobile’s new Jump program for twice yearly phone upgrades at a cost, how I curate and share links after the closure of Google Reader, a new policy for apps in Microsoft various stores with security issues, a Windows 8.1 PC Settings tip and my day of investigative blogging when I went searching for the upcoming Microsoft Store here in Jacksonville, Florida.

Just as a reminder there is only one week left to enter our Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel Giveaway as that winner gets announced on next weeks podcast – 18 Jul 2013 – so make sure you get your entry in.

Until next time enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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