With the release of Windows 8.1 Microsoft has shifted more of the desktop Control Panel settings, aka PC Settings in 8.1, over to the Modern interface.

Almost all of these settings still have equivalents on the desktop side of Windows 8.1 and that is not a bad thing as I recently had difficulty removing test user accounts in the PC Settings side but when I went to the Desktop Control Panel I was able to remove them easily. I associated that with its beta/preview status and am sure it will be fixed in due time.

Anyway, having more settings for your device on the Modern side of Windows 8.1 can be quite handy and there is a nice feature to the PC Settings area that can make accessing some of those items quicker.

When you open the Charms Bar on your Windows 8.1 device and select Settings>Change PC Settings you arrive at the PC Settings page.

Screenshot (54)

Each of those categories on the left side of the screen lead to sub-menus to reach more settings options. You also see a search icon in the top right of that column if you need to search for a specific setting.

Now take a look at the right side of that screen that is highlighted below.

Screenshot (55)

This is the default page that comes up when you enter the PC Settings area but it is also a dynamic page. As you use different settings inside of PC Settings the list of settings listed on this page will change and become a list of your most recently/most used PC settings.

Something like this is very convenient if you are in and out of certain PC Settings options on a regular basis.