Feedly has become  a popular choice for many former Google Reader users and on Windows 8 and Windows Phone it has a great app that can access the service called Nextgen Reader.

Even with great app support there are some who want to access the Feedly cloud using their browser and that is proving to be a challenge on Surface RT with the Metro version of Internet Explorer.

Basically, the sign in process works well but then the moment you authorize the oAuth connection to your Google Reader account you get a screen that simply shows an oAuth style logo:

Screenshot (35)

Refreshing this page does nothing to move you along.

I discovered that if I added the Feedly cloud site address to the Trusted Sites list in Internet Explorer, which is accessible through the desktop version of IE, then Metro IE would work just fine.

You just have to sign in first using the desktop version of IE on Surface RT and then head into Metro IE and access the cloud.feedly.com website to get access.

Here are the steps to add Feedly to your Trusted Sites list in IE.

Open desktop IE and click on the Settings gear icon in the upper right hand corner and then click on Internet Options.

Screenshot (34)

On the next dialog box click on the Security tab and then Trusted Sites. Look for the green arrow near the top of the dialog box.

Screenshot (32)

Type the URL https://cloud.feedly.com in the Add this website to the zone entry box and then click Add and then OK to close the dialog.

Screenshot (31)

Now you can browse to the Feedly cloud and log in on Desktop IE.

Once you have logged in there open Metro IE and the Feedly cloud should be accessible.