As is my custom on these kind of big tech news day I have collected together some of the places I have been reading about the Windows 8.1 Preview so that you can peruse the list and do your own reading.

My day on this end has been busy as I updated my Microsoft Surface RT to the preview release and created an installation video to share with everyone and now I am preparing to give my windows 8.1 desktop the preview treatment as well.

First the official stuff from Microsoft themselves:

Next lets go to the guy who always has a ton of content ready to publish when one of these Windows updates are due – Paul Thurrott from the Windows SuperSite.

Like I said prolific!

Now from our friends Mary Jo Foley and Ed Bott from ZD Net.

Here are a few posts from The Verge:

I will close this out and give you my ridiculous post of the day and just say – really?

Let me know if you have any questions about the preview either here or on Twitter.