I would definitely label this past weekend a slow one in comparison to the last few when it comes to news. It seems as if the beginning of Summer in the Northern Hemisphere on Friday sent people into a wind down mode.

However, there were a few interesting items that popped up in my Google Reader replacement Feedly and its cloud based reader service.
AOL Reader hands-on: An unexciting but solid Google Reader replacement to rival Feedly – AOL joined the Google Reader replacement fray later than some of the other players but it is about to offer a beta of its new service beginning today. You can head over to http://reader.aol.com/ to read about the beta they are offering but there is a catch. You must have an AOL email address to join for now. How very weird huh?

Instagram Sees 5 Million Video Uploads in 24 Hours – I think this proves that the 15 second videos with all the filter choices that was announced by Facebook last week is very likely to be a serious Vine competitor.  It is also possible that these numbers are simply because it is a new service and they will eventually slow down.  Something tells me that Instagram Video, which brings the capability to share short videos inside of the very same app that allows users to share pictures easily over social media, is here to stay.

Xbox Music App in Windows 8 Gets Updated Prior to Windows Blue Release – Late Friday this pre Windows 8.1 update of the built in Windows 8 music app was announced by Microsoft.  We highlight some of the changes you will find in the app already but expect to see even more of an update when the Windows 8.1 update preview comes out on the 26th of June at Microsoft’s Build Developers conference.

Are you ready to dive into another busy week of Microsoft news? Well, as Captain Kirk said in the 2009 Star Trek reboot to Dr. McCoy “Buckle up!”