There is a lot of news flying around the Internet about the upcoming Xbox One console from Microsoft after its big global media briefing from E3 earlier today.

The 90 minute briefing was packed full of games, games, games and that was likely a welcomed thing for all the gamers who felt slighted over the Xbox One Reveal two weeks ago when it focused on the entertainment aspects of the console.

As the console has been made available for pre-order and delivery leading up to its November 2013 release date more pages of official information relating to the console have begun to pop up on

One of those documents, noticed by one of my fellow Twitter users @AnXboxDude, lists all of the Xbox One Pre-Order Product Information including Xbox One Requirements.

In the first paragraph alongside the need for broadband Internet and an Xbox Live account is this:


I guess that means no composite cable in the new Xbox One consoles box, huh?

Do you think this is an issue and if so is it as big of an issue as say the concern around the used game market for Xbox One titles?