Catching up on the news of the weekend as your week begins like me?

Here are three things I picked out of the stack:

Microsoft CIO Tony Scott leaves to ‘focus on personal projects’ (GeekWire) – According to an email sent to GeekWire and referenced in the linked post at GeekWire this was his own decision and that family and some personal things were going to get his attention before he heads back into some form of work.

Acer Iconia W3 official: the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet launches this month for $379 (hands-on) (Engadget) – There was already a listing for this device on Amazon a few weeks ago that caused a stir and now the computer maker has made it official with an announcement at Computex 2013.  I think this will be a popular form factor and size however, what will the Windows Desktop be like on an 8.1 inch monitor as a touch target?  I think the Windows 8 Modern/Metro interface will be great at this and other similar sizes but everyone seems to want the desktop in their Windows. Wait and see I guess.

Microsoft Reveals E3 2013 Media Briefing and Live Show Schedule ( – Major Nelson, aka Larry Hryb from Windows Live/Xbox, announced the details for live streaming of Microsoft’s big Xbox One games related media briefing and other live E3 show coverage on his blog late on Friday as the weekend began. This games related briefing, which is one week from today, is the one all the gamers want to see in order to get that warm fuzzy that Microsoft has not forgotten about them with the new Xbox One multi-media console.

Bonus item – Microsoft’s Tech Ed North America is happening this week in New Orleans so if you wan to keep up with it on Twitter just search for the hashtag #msteched.