In our Weekend Catchup this past Monday we mentioned a disclosed vulnerability and work around for IE8 to keep someone from executing malicious code on websites while you are browsing them in IE8.

According to the Microsoft Security Response Team a Fix-It solution is now available for IE8 that can be applied by all customers running IE8.

This Fix-It solution is a one step click and install that makes a small change when your system runs IE8 and starts a file called mshtml.dll. This in turn prevents an IE8 system from being vulnerable to this exploit.

You can grab the Fix-It at Microsoft “Fix it” available to mitigate Internet Explorer 8 vulnerability and it can be uninstalled from the same page.

Just look for these links on that page:


A full fix is currently being tested and will be released as soon as it is completely validated to address the vulnerability.

Of course, an upgrade to IE9 and IE10 eliminates the need for the Fix-It solution or the update when it is released as they and IE6/IE7 are not exposed to this issue.

The latest version of IE for your OS is at