Good Monday morning everyone. As you get your new week started and catch up from the weekend here are three stories that caught my eye over the last few days.

Details of Acer’s 8-inch, $380 Windows 8 tablet leak – Although the device is no longer listed at Amazon,  many websites including Ed Bott over at the Ed Bott Report on ZD Net, grabbed details of this 8 inch Windows 8 tablet that Acer is supposedly going to release at some point.  It was/is called the Acer Iconia W3-810 and was listed to retail at $379.99. It showed it having 32GB of space, same as the low end Surface RT device, an 8.1 inch touchscreen at a resolution of 1280 x 800 and optional keyboards and covers.  It certainly looks interesting but wouldn’t a Windows desktop be hard to work with on a screen that small?

Twitter gives API 1.0 a reprieve, lets it live until June 11th – With May 7th, the expected date Twitter was turning off their old API, fast approaching many users of Twitter products that used the 1.0 version of the Twitter API were not looking forward to the demise of their access to Twitter.  Well you now have a one month reprieve as Twitter has extended that deadline to June 11th.  No matter the reason for the extension the reality is that anyone who is still on clients with the older version of the API needs to make a move to an updated client. Just go ahead and pull that band-aid off and get it over with.

Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2847140 – This security advisory addresses an issue with a vulnerability that can affect users of Internet Explorer 8.  There is no fix for the issue at this point but the bulletin lists a couple of work arounds to protect users until an update is released.  One other solution is to upgrade to IE9 or IE10 as they and IE6 and IE7 are not impacted by this vulnerability.  You can find the latest version of Internet Explorer for your system at

Stay safe and upgrade my friends!