When Surface Pro came out earlier this year one of its attractions for many was the digitizer that was included as part of the touchscreen experience on the device.  That meant the ability to draw and write using a special included stylus was possible in many apps and desktop programs.

Meanwhile, over on the Surface RT, its capacitive screen will support a capacitive stylus that could substitute for your fingers touch but the OneNote MX app on Windows 8 RT did not have the ability to support any type of drawing.

That is until this morning.

The OneNote Blog revealed yesterday that an update was being released for the OneNote MX app, not to be confused with the desktop version of OneNote, that would allow the Modern/Metro interfaced app to support drawing on a capacitive touch screen. You know like the one we have on the Surface RT.

The app update is available by visiting the Windows Store on your Windows 8 device and checking under App Updates on the Charm Bar or you can access the updated app directly at http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/onenote/f022389f-f3a6-417e-ad23-704fbdf57117

Here is a sample of finger based drawing/writing on my Surface RT with the update installed:


Check out the OneNote Blog post,  OneNote just made your touch more powerful!, which has all the updated interface details for accessing the drawing options.