According to a report in the Financial News & Daily Record, a website that tracks business happenings in the Jacksonville area, it looks like Jacksonville will be getting its own Microsoft Store sometime in the somewhat near future.

Microsoft Corp., which has about 65 full-line and specialty stores in 29 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, intends to open a Microsoft Retail Store in St. Johns Town Center, according to plans filed with the City.  A building-permit application and plans specify a Microsoft Retail Store at St. Johns Town Center.

Apparently this store will be in close proximity to the existing Apple Store at the center, which is not a huge surprise, as this type of placement has been the norm for many Microsoft Stores since the first one opened up back in 2009.

There is no information on the official Microsoft Store website about this new location as it only lists the existing stores in Florida which includes a full service Microsoft Store in Orlando at The Florida Mall and the one in Miami that is due to open in the Dadeland Mall on May 18th.  There are three specialty stores, formerly known as pop-up stores, across Florida in Aventura, Miami and Tampa which carry a small inventory compared to the full size retail stores.

I do seem to recall that Jacksonville showed up on a list of future stores a couple of years ago but then quietly disappeared from that listing.  It would certainly seem now, based on these work permits, that a Microsoft Store is coming to Jacksonville.

So the next question to be answered is when is the grand opening and will you attend if you are in the area?

In fact, I might just have to host a Tweetup during the event.

Thanks to my friend @Caprickah on Twitter for the tip.