5 thoughts on “App Issues with Two Factor Authentication for Microsoft Accounts

  1. As of today I was able to use the App Password to log into Dev Center on my Windows Phone. Not aware of any app update but glad it is working.

  2. I had disabled two factor authentication till earlier this afternoon because of the issues I was having w/ the android apps. I also tested this w/ my Lumia 900/920 both running the latest versions of 7.8/8.x Hope that helps others out there. :-) Steve, kb7sqi

  3. Something also relevant to note is that it will take 30 days for Microsoft to delete any Trusted device, if the user wish to remove it. Which it can be a bit of a pain, because users will get the Microsoft’s “We don’t recognized the PC you’re using” message when they are trying to configure TFA on a new trusted device.


    • All of my current ones were still in place although I could not see them like I used to be able to do. I left them alone and added to the accounts I needed to when setting up. So far – so good.