Over the weekend a handful of interesting stories popped up on the tech radar – here is a peek at three of them:

Report claims Google in talks to acquire WhatsApp for $1 billion – WhatsApp is a great messaging app that works on multiple mobile platforms including Windows Phone and uses your data connection to send messages back and forth instead of text messaging services.  Its best feature is that cross platform capability. You can find it in the Windows Phone Store here and use it free for the first year. After that it costs 99 cents per year.  You can visit WhatsApp on the web to learn more about the app and its service.

Facebook Begins Big Ad Blitz To Tout Its New Android “Home” – I saw this commercial while I was watching the NCAA Men’s National Semifinal games Saturday night.  You can learn more about Facebook Home here while waiting for it to come out this Friday.

A bonus link related to Facebook Home is Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President of Corporate Communications at Microsoft, Frank X. Shaw, and his post about Facebook Home’s remarkable similarity to Windows Phone’s “Putting People First” theme.

365 Days Remaining Until XP End Of Support. The Countdown Begins – Over on the Springboard Series Blog a post by Stephen L. Rose reminds everyone that Windows XP has just one year of official support left in its lifecycle which has lasted for 11 years so far. By the time support expires next April it will have been supported two years beyond the normal 10 year lifecycle for most Microsoft OS’s.  It is time to move on folks and get up to speed.  Even if you do not like the idea of Windows 8 then move to Windows 7 which is much more secure than Windows XP ever wished to be.