Just in case your weekend was busy like mine was away from the computer and Internet here are a few tidbits from the weekend.

Microsoft readying multiple Windows Blue servers and a Blue Windows RT build – Mary Jo Foley from All About Microsoft at ZD Net writes about the news of the weekend – the leaked build of Windows Blue.  She has links to the background and current info in her story. Suffice to say that the rumors of Windows Blue she has been reporting on – well they look pretty solid now.

Dell confirms it received two, possibly ‘superior’ buyout proposals – You may have thought this was over but there seems to have been two serious alternative buyout offers made. Dell’s special committee that have been evaluating other offers will now consider these as well.

Surface Xbox Avatar Prop – Still undecided about purchasing Surface RT or Surface Pro with Windows 8? Well this may not help the decision but if you are an Xbox 360 gamer you can get a Surface prop for free so that your avatar will have one.

Anything catch your eye this weekend? Seemed like a pretty slow news cycle although the Windows Blue leak is getting a lot of coverage. Just search on your favorite search engine – you will find all of it. There is even a very good install/walkthrough video out there.