Welcome to Episode 84.  Google Reader is still shutting down and I will share with you how I have already left it behind to continue putting out tech links to all of you.  We wish Twitter a Happy 7th Birthday, talk about the latest airline to announce in-flight WiFi services and share some practical tips for all of you using WordPress as the engine behind your website.

Some other areas of news to be discussed in this show is Surface tablet sales numbers; Enterprise tablet party over for Apple; more Google Reader and other service demise news; Google’s newest service announcement; Windows Phone adds a couple of new big name apps; updates for Windows Phone 7 Build handsets and and 7.8 update starts back up for WP 7.5 users; the update to the WindowsObserver WP App; Skype WP App update reintegrates with People Hub and gets some improvements; the support deadline we already knew about for WP8; my exclusive interview with developer of MeTweets which is about to get a major 2.0 update; Amazon in deep water with rocket engines and users; learning about the Windows OS Build number; ATT picks Lync for Enterprise Communications; Windows 7 SP1 mandatory update now; missing attachments in Outlook no more; Windows 8 and Windows Phone App preview site; the new Microsoft era of devices and services; who to blame when your PC gets hacked; using File History in Windows 8; Xbox 360 makes it 26 months as top console in the US; nearly 70% of people use two devices at once and one of the 20 people who changed tech – Samuel Morse.

Enjoy the show and as always thanks for listening!

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