In a blog post today Twitter has announced that they will discontinue support for TweetDeck AIR, TweetDeck for Android and TweetDeck for iPhone.  They should be removed from app stores in May and will no longer work right after that.  On top of those apps being cut off they also indicate that their Facebook integration is ending as well.

The death of these apps should not come as much of a surprise for a couple of reasons.

First these older apps work off the 1.0 Twitter API which is being retired starting this month and secondly Twitter has put a lot more focus into TweetDeck’s web based functionality recently. That capability can be accessed using the site as well as with a Chrome app.  According to the blog post they are able to update the web based apps much quicker than the older apps and bring the improvements they are working on to the end user much faster.

It does look like the MAC and PC versions of TweetDeck may continue to live on for now:

We think these web and Chrome apps provide the best TweetDeck experience yet, and that they are the apps in which you’ll want to see us add new capabilities first, followed closely by our Mac and PC apps.

What do you think? Anyone going to miss these older apps?

Source: An Update on TweetDeck