The Microsoft SkyDrive team recently began the SkyDrive Insiders Program and last week during the Microsoft MVP Summit 2013 I got the chance to meet our program coordinator Lia Yu.  Lia organizes all the info and efforts of the members of SkyDrive Insiders plus keeps track of the various discussions we have around the web relating to SkyDrive.

Lia graciously gave me some 3GB SkyDrive Single Use cards which I can now use for giveaways to SkyDrive users.

So while I was at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport waiting for my red-eye flight to Atlanta after our MVP Summit I decided to give one away to a Twitter user. The only requirement was to share how they put SkyDrive to use as a cloud storage medium and then I would pick one randomly to receive the additional 3GB of storage on their SkyDrive.

Here are some of the responses I got to my SkyDrive use question:

Definitely some unique and creative uses for SkyDrive that help you make sure you have the data you want anywhere and anytime you want to access it.

Congrats to @FinsUpDNC who won the random give-away for the 3GB code. Keep an eye out on my Twitter stream for more of these giveaways.