Earlier today I posted about the sold out and limited availability status of Microsoft’s brand new Surface Pro devices which just entered the market place today. After a series of phone calls to my local Best Buy and Staples stores it seems stock may have been quite limited for these physical retail locations.

If you read my earlier post on Surface Pro being sold out you know I did a web search and could not find a physical Surface Pro 128GB in any Best Buy store within a two hour drive of my location in Jacksonville, Florida.  The 64GB model showed low stock in most locations.

I decided to call my local stores to see if I could learn anything more about the Surface Pro availability and sales.

Here are some of the pieces I have put together from talking to different sales clerks:

  • one store said they only had one of each model of Surface Pro (64GB/128GB)
  • another store reported that their shipment of Surface Pro devices never made it in for today’s retail availability
  • one location said they had sold off all of the inventory of Surface Pro devices, approximately five of each, before they even went on sale through pre-orders
  • two stores reported still having 64GB models available but they could not hold them although they would make the sale over the phone if you wanted to make sure you got the device
  • many of the stores told me that they did not have display models of the Surface Pro devices or only had the 64GB unit on display
  • one sales clerk told me they had not stopped receiving phone calls about the device since the store had opened just 25 minutes earlier

So it would seem stock was limited in store for some reason and there has been a lot of release day enquiries about the Surface Pro models. I am not sure what might have caused stock not to arrive to the stores except to assume that the supply chain is clogged up somehow.

Now these checks were for the stores in my area – have any of you checked out your own Best Buy or Staples to see what they have available? If you have please share those results in the comments below.