Microsoft Surface Pro Showing Out of Stock Just Hours After Retail Launch


Last night at midnight Microsoft launched the retail availability of their much anticipated Microsoft Surface Pro.  It is being offered for purchase through a combination of online and physical stores. The device, along with the previously released Surface RT, is available for purchase at the online and physical store presences of the Microsoft Store, Best Buy and Staples. The Surface Pro is only being offered in the US and Canada at this stage.

A quick check of the online presences of all of those stores shows the Surface Pro, specifically the 128GB model, is in high demand across the board.

Currently the Microsoft Store, Best Buy and Staples all show the 128GB Surface Pro as out of stock with the 64GB model available for online ordering at the Microsoft Store but a 3-5 day wait for delivery of that same model to Best Buy stores and limited stock available through Staples physical stores.

I did a search of physical Best Buy stores for the 128GB Surface Pro model and nothing is in stock within a two hour drive of my location in Jacksonville, Florida.

Screenshot (115)

Microsoft Store shows Surface Pro 128GB model as out of stock online.

Screenshot (112)

Best Buy website shows both 128GB and 64GB models of Surface Pro as out of stock. An updated check as I published this story shows the 64GB model available online now but nothing in stores within a two hour drive of Jacksonville, Florida.

Screenshot (117)

Staples website shows the 128GB model of Surface Pro as sold out.

Not sure if this is a sign of stock levels or demand so I guess we will have to just wait and see what comes of it all.

Did you make it out to get a Surface Pro? What do you think of it so far?

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface Pro Showing Out of Stock Just Hours After Retail Launch

  1. I reserved a 128GB on Monday at my local Best Buy in Richmond, VA. I was a bit concerned when I didn’t get the notification this morning to come pick it up. I went over the store at 11:30 AM EST and asked the manager if they had received any 128GB models. He said they did but they were sold immediately. I then showed him my reservation receipt and he turned pale and didn’t say anything for a almost a minute. Finally he said “wait here” and walked into the back. After about 5 minutes he returned carrying a 128 GB. Apparently someone had forgotten to move the reserved one (I may have been the only one who did this at this store) up to the front, so they didn’t notify me that it was ready.

    At another BB across town, they said they only received 1 128GB and they had someone waiting at the door for it when they opened. A friend in the Charlotte area said the Microsoft Store Kiosk at Southpark Mall only received 3 of the 128GBs.

  2. massive lines even in Washington. I was buying two but will have to wait now a little longer. Oh well, no worries….I’m still buy two of them for me and my girlfriend!!!

  3. Once a loyal Windows man. February 9, 2013 at 11:54 AM -

    NOw, it safe to say that microsoft is a big ego problem, and won’t fix their mistakes.
    they won’t lower the prices of an item that lacks many things to be desire.
    They won’t cut cost to improve sales, and innovations. To top it off they make the few customers willing to pay for an overprices under achieving product (Compare to other win8 tablet hybrids) but they won’t even stock the stores properly to sell these products. I went into best buy and they said there is nothing in there systems that say these items will be shippign to their best buys or any neighboring ones.
    a launch with nothing other then a display unit are you Serious M$FT??? wtf…
    When it does come out officially week’s and months from now, they better drop the prices! Grrr… liars I swear, they won’t admit to their failures in win8. its fast and new, but its not the future. it’s gimmicky at best.. thats why they are rushing to put out windwos 9.

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