I really do enjoy themes and sharing the ones I create on the site.  I have created a lot of themes that have a space theme to them thanks to NASA generously sharing their pictures freely with everyone by placing them in the public domain.

However, this post is not about themes I have created but those which Microsoft has put together on their Windows Personalization site. All of the themes I am highlighting for you today have an other worldy feel to them. Some are actual space related photos and some are artists creations but all of them are unique and fascinating so I hope you enjoy them.


NASA Hidden Universe – A universe filled with kaleidoscopic colors blazes across your desktop in this free theme for Windows, revealed by the infrared imaging of NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. Discover more about Spitzer’s unique view of stars, nebulae, and galaxies on the Spitzer Space Telescope website.


NASA Spacescapes – Roam the far corners of the universe—distant galaxies, dying stars, and the echoes of the Big Bang—with this free NASA theme for Windows.


GTGraphics – Send your desktop to the furthest reaches of the universe with these fantastic photorealistic images of distant planets and outer space events by GTGraphics in this free Windows theme. Read more about these artists.


GTGraphics 2 – Experience other planets and other worlds through these stunning, imaginative new spacescapes from GTGraphics. We loved the first ones so much we came back for more. A free theme for Windows.


Surreal Territory – The work of artist Chuck Anderson explores places only the imagination can go. Put six of his surreal dreamscapes on your desktop with this free theme for Windows.


Futuristic Fractals – Bring unexplored dimensions to your desktop background with these images of mind-blowing intricacies; some mechanical, some ethereal, some seemingly colossal. The line between the natural and virtual worlds is beautifully blurred in this free theme for Windows featuring artwork by Duncan Lawler.


Abstract Bright – This bold and unusual free theme for Windows features fractals, sunbursts, floating spheres, and other designs evoking heightened spiritual states and unknown dimensions.


Abstract Dark – Dramatic abstract designs suggestive of smoke, gears, feathers, and circuits are featured in this free theme for Windows.