[Update: It was confirmed by Microsoft that no trade in program was being offered. Sorry everyone!]

How about a little Microsoft news on this Super Bowl Sunday?

News is breaking that may indicate Microsoft is planning on offering some type of a trade in program that would allow you to swap out your Surface RT for the upcoming Surface Pro.

After hearing about this via Twitter and a few different sources I called my closest Microsoft Store, the Orlando one at the Florida Mall, and asked about it and was told that there was no trade in program being offered.

According to Brad Sams from Neowin the two Microsoft Stores he called confirmed there was a trade in program but told him he would need to come in to speak with the store manager for more details, etc.  He did confirm it was a trade up process instead of a one for one trade in.

Our friend Dave McCabe from the Home Server Show and Surface Geeks was visiting the Indianapolis pop up Microsoft Store and says he asked the clerk at least four times to confirm there was some type of trade in program and was told yes each time.

Unfortunately this all confirms a lot of confusion on what is and isn’t being offered from Microsoft as it relates to trading in your RT for a Pro.

Not surprising in a fairly spread out retail organization.

Something tells me that we might just hear some official word on what may be offered early this week. The Surface Pro becomes available on 09 February 2013 online as well as in Microsoft Stores, Staples and at Best Buy.

Let us know what you are hearing in the comments below.