Mark your calendars and get ready for some Midnight Madness as the Surface Pro from Microsoft will make its retail debut on 09 February 2013.

According to a new blog post from Microsoft Surface Program Manager Panos Panay they are ready to grow the Surface Family.  Although initial availability of the Surface Pro will be in more retail locations than its predecessor Surface RT it will not be as widely available as Surface RT was so initial markets will only include the U.S. and Canada.

Initial options for getting a Surface Pro beginning on 09 February 2013 are:

It will be interesting to see how retail uptake is with the device bring available from a broader option for in store purchasing.  I also hope Staples and Best Buy do a better job with the Surface Pro than they did with the Surface RT when it hit their stores.  Of course I will be at my local Staples and Best Buy on launch day to check it out and share here.

Panos also revealed that Surface RT will see an expansion in the markets it will be available in the coming weeks.  Currently Surface RT is available in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and the US.  Thirteen new markets will join that list and include Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Along with the additional markets there were also some new accessories that were being added to the Surface line:

  • Touch Cover Limited Edition – these unique laser etched touch covers will be available on 09 February 2013 at $129.99
    • Year of the Snake
    • Skulls
    • Flowers
  • Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition – this mobile mouse will also be available on 09 February 2013 and will retail for $69.95
    • Designed with similar finish to the VaporMg casing that Surface comes in
    • Four way touch scrolling

The last tidbit of news in this post from Panos is that they will now offer the 64GB Surface RT as a stand alone version and not bundled with a Touch Cover. This is based on feedback from customers and retailers and the option will be available effective 09 February 2013 in all markets that carry Surface RT.


Photos from Microsoft

On a side note 09 February 2013 is a Saturday so there might be some Midnight Madness at these retail outlets similar to what happened during Surface RT’s launch this past October.

Will you line up at midnight to get your Surface Pro?