Looking for an easy way to browse Windows Phone apps on your Windows 8 device? A new addition to the Windows Store gives you a modern app interface to do just that.

The app, Windows Phone Store, provides a nice interface to the apps listed in the Windows Phone store website. When you do opt to install an app it takes you to the web page for that Windows Phone app and you can complete the installation to your Windows Phone handset from there.

Just in case you are wondering this is not an official Microsoft app for the Windows Phone Store but was developed by Ciunkos according to the app page in the Windows Store.

Despite the fact that it is not an official app it does provide a nice modern interface to browse apps and displays them using the same categories and break outs the Windows Phone store uses.  Although many will label this an overlay for the website, which it basically is, it certainly makes for a much friendlier touch environment.

The app info pages will remind you a lot of the Windows Store app pages as well but all the info is on one page rather than in one of three tabs like in the Windows Store.

It would be nice to see this app expanded so that installs can be sent directly to your associated Windows Phone however, since it is not official that is likely a longshot for a future feature in this app.

Still it will be useful for many Windows Phone users who have made the move to Windows 8.

Check out the below screenshots to see how they have laid out the app:

Screenshot (95) Screenshot (96)
Screenshot (97) Screenshot (98)
Screenshot (99)

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