I am sure there are a lot of tech folks, company reps and others taking a deep breath as this week begins with no CES to deal with. You nearly always hear the stories of how exhausting the show can be just by its sheer volume of content and the size of the show floors.

Of course, numerous members of the press attended including popular tech blogs, columnists and other news entities and that meant lots of stories across the web about what was being seen and experienced.

As a person who watched CES 2013 from home I am always amazed at the explosion of data that comes out of Las Vegas during the annual consumer electronics show and this year was no different.

I am subscribed to 130 RSS feeds across a wide range of sites and I use Google Reader as my subscription manager. I access all of my Google Reader feeds by using Nextgen Reader on my Windows Phone and my Windows 8 devices.

Google Reader has a feature that keeps track of how many items come across the feeds I am subscribed to and that is where I am pulling this data from to show the increase of website blog posts and stories during CES 2013. I suspect your mileage may vary slightly depending on where you get your tech news on a daily basis.

CES was advertised as running from 8 – 11 January 2013 but there was the pre-show press day on 7 January that received a lot of attention so I am going to include that day in my total count as I compare that period to the the 5 days prior to CES 2013.



The percentage of growth from the week before CES 2013 and the week of the event was 96% – in other words the volume of items nearly doubled – and that is just in the 130 feeds I follow.

I am happy to report that it appears numbers are returning to their weekday normal for me of approximately 500 feed items per weekday so I suspect your flow of info is also returning to normality.

That is at least until the next big tech event.