Do you remember reading the how to in the last few months on placing shortcuts for Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate on your Windows 8 Start Screen to make those functions more accessible?

So have I and I decided to use the steps in this post from Mauro on Pureinfotech to create those shortcuts and I have packaged them up into a single zipped file you can download and install them from.

The process is pretty straight forward.

First open Windows Explorer and paste this address in the location box:

%appdata%/Microsoft/Windows/Start Menu/Programs/

Now download the compressed file containing the four shortcuts, open it and then select all four items and copy them.

Return to the original Windows Explorer windows you pasted that address in earlier and paste these shortcuts into that directory. You can now close all the open windows that are on your desktop.

If you go to the Start Screen and swipe/scroll all the way over to the right you will see the four shortcuts in an unlabeled group:

Screenshot (89)

You can now place those shortcuts where ever you want them on your Start Screen or if you would also like these shortcuts on the Windows 8 Desktop taskbar just select them and select Pin to taskbar on the App Bar that comes up from the bottom of the Start Screen.

Screenshot (90)

Now when you want to quickly take one of those actions you will have a handy shortcut available to you on your Windows 8 Start Screen, Windows 8 Classic Desktop or the Classic Desktop Taskbar.

Download the System Power Shortcuts for Windows 8 (1042 downloads ) (4KB)