With an eerie sense of reliability you can go back and see that every Windows 8 review that has come out over the last two months since its release or any discussion about Windows 8 always mentions the lack of apps as an issue with the new operating system.

Now I have written about issues with the Windows Store and apps on this site. Are RSS Feed Based Apps Out of Control in the Windows Store? and Who Said There Are No Big Name Apps in the Windows Store? are two examples. There is most certainly a quality issue in some areas but there are also some very good apps by third parties as well as big name companies.

The Windows Store continues to grow as well.  Recently Alex Wilhelm of The Next Web reported that there are 415 apps being added each day and the store has surpassed 35,000 apps.  Alex also points out that these are just stats and not an indication of quality or which apps are in the Windows Store.

Well that is what I am here to ask.  For those who claim that one of the knocks against Windows 8 is the size and breadth of the Windows Store lets get specific instead of making that type of a general statement.

What app is missing from the store – no wait – what app based functionality is missing from the Windows Store that makes the lack of apps an issue?

Now I am not talking about the fact that there is no Instagram or official Facebook or Twitter App’s because there are apps in the Windows Store that can provide that functionality.

I am asking what are you unable to do on Windows 8 in an app that you can do on other platforms that have large app stores?

I believe this is the discussion we should be having as opposed to app store counts being an arbitrary measurement of success.

So please grab a seat, pull up a keyboard and let’s talk apps in the comments below.