Some App Recommendations for Your New Windows 8 Device


So if you received a new Windows 8 device this holiday season I am sure you have had a chance to learn about the new OS and install some apps.

I would like to point you towards some great apps to install on your new Windows 8 system which will not dent your wallet at all and bring further productivity to your daily usage.


Getting Started with Windows 8 – created by HP to help teach users about Windows 8 and its new interface.  Originally restricted to those on an HP system but later opened up for everyone to use.


Trackage – a package tracker created over the Summer of 2012 by interns working for Microsoft.


Microsoft Games Collection – Solitaire and Minesweeper. Both are significant updates from the past Windows versions.


OneNote – Absolutely one of the best note taking and sharing apps available.


Amazon – I mean who doesn’t shop at Amazon? Includes in app purchasing now and order tracking.


Xbox SmartGlass – if you have an Xbox 360 then you will want this to connect the two and extend the experience to your Windows 8 device.


Khan Academy – educational material across a wide range of subjects.


eBay – another site that a lot of people browse and pick up bargains from. If you are an eBayer then it is great for tracking all of your auctions both as a seller and a buyer.


Words by Posts Free – I think one of the best cross platform word games out there.

What is your favorite Windows 8 app you have found so far?

2 thoughts on “Some App Recommendations for Your New Windows 8 Device

  1. For people interested in discovering new apps (brands), I would recommend:

    PressPlay Video: The best video player for Windows 8/RT

    Cocktail Flow: Great to show how cool Windows 8 can look

    Fresh Paint: Impressive and powerful replacement for Microsoft Paint

    There are of course many other classics like Skype, Wikipedia, Netflix, etc.