One of the areas that was addressed in the Windows Phone 8 OTA update that was published yesterday for Nokia Lumia handsets was better battery life. One of the ways they implemented some savings was related to screen brightness.

After the update I experienced a very strange issue with my phone in that the brightness of the screen kept fading from high to low as I was using the handset.

The brightness would range from bright to dim as I was using the handset in the same location.  A restart of the phone did not help clear things up and in order to stop it I had to set the phone to medium brightness.

I sent a tweet out and asked if anyone else was experiencing this issue and three people replied back that it was also happening to them.

This morning Twitter user Louie (@kappalouie) sent me a tweet to say he had fixed his by opening the phone in a dark room so the sensors could calibrate to the darkness. He told me in a subsequent tweet that he found this suggestion via a comment on the forums at WP Central.

So I did what any good geek would do. I went into my closet, closed the door and performed the dark room calibration and it solved the fluctuation of the brightness!

Let us know if you see this error and if the dark room calibration technique works for you.