As we mentioned last night the Windows Phone 8  “Portico” update as well as a firmware update for the Nokia Lumia 920 were due out today and it is out there and available as expected.

I had not received a prompt about the updates availability so I decided to go ahead and force the issue by going to my phones settings and checking manually for the update.

Once my phone knew about the update I was informed in the dialog that it would wait for me to turn on Wi-Fi and then it would start the download process.  This alert was quite pesky as I could barely work around it continuing to pop up as I went to turn on my Wi-Fi.

One I got Wi-Fi turned on the download began automatically.  It took about three minutes for the update to be downloaded to the phone.

After the download the phone processed the downloaded files in preparation for the installation and this took about four minutes. As you can see below there is a status that shows the progress in this.  It seemed like the last 5-7% took about as long as the first 90% did.


Once it was ready to install I was shown this dialog with references to Knowledge Base articles concerning the updates along with the option to postpone the installation or move forward with install. I of course choose install!


Immediately the phone went into a restart as the install began.


I was then shown moving gears on the screen which indicated the update was in progress however, there was not any type of status bar or progress indicator.

When the phone restarted after that portion of the install I was shown my lock screen and when I swiped up I had this  Almost Done dialog showing that my data was being migrated (Step 1 of 4).  After a quick gasp of breath I just watched the indicator move across the screen and it hit 100% and hoping my data had migrated OK.  I did not see the migration process go through steps 2, 3 and 4 of 4 though.


Once the above dialog completed I was shown this final message:


Here is my about page to show the latest build numbers of the updated elements.


Total time for the over the air update from start to finish was about 30 minutes and there were regular indicators of progress and what steps were occurring.

I would have liked a progress bar on the gears page when the update was being applied but it is also pretty self explanatory.

I like the OTA process and am keeping an eye on Twitter to see if anyone experience issues with the process.

As a side note, I checked my wife’s HTC 8X and it is not seeing the update yet.

Here is the update page to show you some of the details concerning what this update addressed.