If you were to walk up to me and ask what I would recommend you get for your favorite geek for Christmas I might just mention some of these items (and not in any particular order):


Roku – I got one of these this past summer and paired up with my Amazon Prime membership I can stream any of those movies and TV shows to my HD TV via the home WiFi network. Setup was easy and quick. There are somewhere in the ballpark of 600 content/media channels available with some being free and others requiring purchase/subscription.  According to the Roku product page the four current models have over 26,000 user reviews and averaging 4.2 out of 5 stars.  Right now Roku is offering $10 off and free shipping for the top three models.


Microsoft Surface RT – If your geek is a Windows Geek then the Surface RT tablet is the perfect companion device to their full size Windows system. Yes it has limitations, with Windows RT as the OS, that prevent legacy programs from running on it but that is why I call it a companion device. It will not replace your main machine but is perfect for consuming content on the couch or taking it on the road for trips that you need to be productive on. The innovative Touch Cover doubles as a cover and brings that extra level of productivity by giving you a nearly full size keyboard and trackpad to get your work done. Plus this thing has fallen off of cars doing 60MPH and lived to work again – it is strong and sturdy – built to last.


E-Reader – This is a tough recommendation these days because so many devices now have the capability to access the popular electronic bookstores via apps which allows them to access your e-book purchases. However, there is something to be said with having an e-reader which is simply good at being an e-reader. These things typically have long battery life, are lightweight and easily slip into a backpack, purse or other bag.  Pricing has dropped on these as well recently and if your OK with seeing a few offers you can get an even better price. I currently have the Kindle with Offers and the only place those offers show up is on the screensaver when the device is turned off. I can live with that – plus every once in a while – there are some really good deals offered. Seriously.


Fitbit – If your Geek is also a Fitness Geek then one of these devices will let them keep track of all that geeky exercise and fitness stuff.  The wireless devices get attached to your clothes and keeps track of things like steps taking, sleep, etc. to calculate your level of fitness.  Pair that info up in a mobile app or via the web and you can chart your progress each day. Fitbit has partnered with multiple companies to take things to an even deeper level such as food and nutrition tracking.


Xbox 360 with Kinect – If your geek is a Gamer Geek but has not made the move to a console then the Xbox 3360 with Kinect might be just the thing. With all the included entertainment apps and options the console is actually more than just a gaming rig but can take up a spot in your living room and serve up all kinds of content.  Some of the apps may require an Xbox Live Gold subscription (runs between $30 – $60 per year depending on the deals you can find) plus the service your accessing may have an additional fee.  The Kinect device brings hands free and voice control to the Xbox 360 dashboard and apps as well and what geek wouldn’t want that.  Can you remember Start Trek? “Computer – Tea – Earl Grey – Hot”*

* Your Xbox 360 can not make tea by the way.