Ever since the Microsoft Surface Pro pricing was revealed last week discussions have been happening across the Internet to determine whether it is a good deal or not.  The results are a pretty mixed bag and mainly focus on the lack of a bundled Touch/Type Cover and the supposed limited battery life that would be about half of the Surface RT according to Microsoft.

One element of the discussions about pricing differences between the Surface RT, which was released on 26 October 2012 , and the upcoming Surface Pro was the bundling of Microsoft Office RT with the Surface RT device.

The discussion centered around whether or not Office 2013 RT influenced the decision to purchase the Surface RT or not.

So in a very unscientific method and using the SkyDrive Excel Survey tool I asked that question to Twitter.

Here are the results in a miniature infographic or you could call it an Excel Chart.


Now I had no way to determine or verify that the 78 answers were provided by Surface RT owners but I think the answers do give an indication on the decision to purchase and whether or not Office 2013 RT impacted that.

What do you think? Add your pros and cons to either option in the comments below.