I have been on top of this for a while now, and it was taking too long coming so I forgot to check it this past period. You can imagine my surprise when I noticed this in the Store yesterday.

Microsoft stated on its Build Windows 8 blog some time ago that they were enhancing the Store to give it some similitude of functionality to that the Start Screen. You know how you just go to the Start Screen and start typing to Search for Apps? Now you have that too in the Store.

When you are in the Store, and you just start typing, Microsoft now brings up the Search Charm with your text. So you can just start typing while in the Store and hit enter and your searched app will be brought up – if its in the Store that is.


Of course I would have preferred Microsoft did something like in the Start Screen so that the Store just brings up those App icons that meet your search criteria as your type, but half bread is better than none like they say. So we welcome this little enhancement in the Store.

Good thing Microsoft is adding features as we go down this path of Metro OS. The OS is at version 1.0 stage, I can only dream of what it will become in the version 3.0. As you all know, version 3.0 is the magic number for Microsoft to work out kinks in their software and make a great product. Time will tell.

So now you know, you don’t have to go bring up the Search Charm in the Store no more. Just start typing and hit Enter.