As my friend over at WinSyde, Brad Sams, has just reported the team at Lazyworm Applications have decided to temporarily pull their popular Twitter app from the Windows Store.

It is a shame they have had to resort to this step but it is in the best interest of their app because they are receiving a lot of feedback via the app in the store with one stars complaining about the inability of the app to connect to the Twitter service.

End users believe it is an issue with the developer and as we all know based on the news that broke this weekend that it is due to Tweetro slamming up against Twitters imposed 100K token limitation.

I have spoken to Atta Elayyan from Lazyworm Applications and as you might imagine he is very frustrated with the entire situation as it is any developers dream to have their application be popular.  To suddenly have that popularity crushed because of this API limitation is simply unsat in this day and age.

However, the word is getting out on the issue via Twitter, of all things of course, to the tune of over 35,000 views of the story we posted this past weekend – Tweetro Slams into Twitter 100K Token Limit.

I know Atta and the folks at Lazyworm Applications appreciate all of the support they are seeing across the board.