Well the time has finally come for the web to be filled with real hands on reviews of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet.  Obviously, based on the timing of these reviews, the embargo on the stories was set for 9 PM EDT and the web has lit up dutifully with the reviews.

Here is a collection of the ones I have tracked down:

Updated: Additional reviews that I found after initially publishing this post:

It is certainly a mixed bag of reviews that is for sure.  It is hard for me to fathom that there can be such variation with the same device in individuals hands.  Some of them contain the obligatory not enough apps statement and that is to be expected because it is the same tack reviewers took with Windows Phone as well.

I say this – it is Windows – the ecosytem will be there.  We are already seeing many big names with apps in the Windows Store and I have no doubt that since it is Windows the others will come.


Well mainly because it is Windows and they can not just ignore it as a third party system – I mean it is Windows after all.

Be there or be square!