Here are the new additions to the Microsoft Dynamic Themes from the past week including a little Bliss if you know what I mean.

Last week we started a running count of how many images are in each theme and here is the count as of these updates:

  • Aqua – 65
  • Fauna – 35
  • Insects – 57
  • Terra (Landscapes) – 90
  • Flora (Flowers) – 159
  • Bing Maps Aerial Imagery (US) – 184
  • Bing Maps Aerial Images of Europe – 163
  • Bing Desktop – 177

Aqua Dynamic

Reflection of rocky river bottom on a sunny day near Leavenworth, Washington, U.S. Pool water
Dew on leaves

Terra (Landscapes)

Oxfordshire countryside, U.K. Electric beauty, taken in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia
Mount Tasman, Southern Alps, South Island, New Zealand

Fauna Dynamic

Ducks Maki monkey


Dragonfly Butterflies on lavender