It is quite a strange phenomenon actually.

On most Friday’s, sometime late in the evening, tech news just about comes to a screeching stop.

Ok, maybe not a complete stop, but it does slow way down.

I typically track nearly 120 tech related RSS feeds in Google Reader and it is from that collection of feeds that I share links via my Twitter account.

Monday through Thursday that collection of feeds typically generates over 2,000 stories each day.  On Friday’s that drops down to only 1800 stories; Saturday sees that drop even further to just over 1,000 stories and finally on Sunday that drops to just over 600 stories.

So there is no doubt that either news just doesn’t happen over the weekend or it does not get reported.  I think it is a combination of both of these things because reality is that stories to get carried over the weekend and big breaking stories get posted no matter when they happen.

So what do you do with your weekend when tech is on the down side? What do you do to recharge your batteries to prepare for the onslaught of news that begins all over again on Monday morning?

Please share your thoughts below in the comments.