There are a lot of social media aggregators out there and each have their own uniqueness about them and I have used for my @WinObs Tech Update daily summary for some time now.

I recently came across what I would call a competitor to and although I have only been on it for about 24 hours I like the layout much better and find it more responsive than is.

Let me introduce you to RebelMouse aka @RebelMouse on Twitter.

RebelMouse allows you to sign up during their beta period directly from their main page with either your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account.


Once your page has been created you can go into the RebelMouse Dashboard for your page and add other social media accounts such as Tumblr, Pinterest and even an RSS feed if you want.


Once you have an account connected to RebelMouse the Mouse will maintain your page for you by making some decisions about what will appear on your Social Front Page.

According to a question I asked @RebelMouse on Twitter the key element they look for to place something on your front page is that it contains some type of media such as a picture or video.  Anything else or posts that are marked private on Facebook or Instagram photos you have liked will be stored in your Drafts Tab in the Dashboard.

You are able to go into that tab and publish any of those items to your front page.

Obviously the more accounts you connect to the service the more material RebelMouse will have to display on your front page.

Their business model appears to be a subscription based offering according to this page at their site:


The individual front page that is registered in could really give you a place on the web to have your social media personality on display. You can even grab an embed code to put your front page on your site which is free for basic users.

You can visit my RebelMouse Social FrontPage at – here is a snapshot of it.