Good day there fine Windows Observer denizens. A few weeks ago I hinted a little at the love affair I have with all things from our cousins across the pond. Sure the British might have tried to unfairly tax us but I can’t blame them, the War of 1812 was really –whoops wrong audience. Anywho this week I’ve got my favorite apps inspired by the good ol’ realm of Elizabeth II.


One of the most iconic styles of British artistry has to be the sketch and while I don’t quite understand those who prefer the pen and pencil until now I’ve never really considered the smartphone a viable alternative. Then I discovered Sketch Book. Sure you won’t be pumping out works of Tom Palin’s caliber without a little talent but with the ability to import pictures and turn those into sketches, there’s no harm in faking it a little. Sketch Book is free to all beefeaters and the rest of Her Majesty’ subjects and allies.


There’s artwork of the canvas, but the art that speaks to my Londontowne soul is the art of the voice. The BBC Podcast Lounge delivers the best of its namesake’s podcast library including around 300 podcast feeds, music + video hub integration, and offline audio playback. Podcast Lounge will set you back a $1.99 but does offer a free trial for those who might be on the fence about investing their money.


Lastly, nothing says British sensibilities like a good “Keep Calm and…” graphic. The KEEP CALM Poster Maker. For just $.99 you can choose background colors or photos, an icon, and your own text and let your British loving randomness. I personally couldn’t help but whipping up a few for my HTC HD7.

Anywho folks, that’s the end of another edition of Windows Phone App Flow. Until next time, keep calm and pray for better battery life.