Today another chapter was closed in the retirement of NASA’s shuttle fleet with the departure of Endeavour from Kennedy Space Center.  It left at dawn this morning to begin a three day journey that will eventually have it land in Los Angeles, California on Friday.  In October Endeavour will be moved through the streets of LA about 12 miles to the California Science Museum which will be her permanent home after serving her country in space.

Of course the cameras were out in full force and we have put together this special commemorative theme to mark her departure from Florida. 

All of these pictures are courtesy of NASA except for one which is from my Twitter and NASATweetup friend Jen Scheer (@flyingjenny) who you may know from past themes she has graciously allowed me to use her photos in. Please visit her flickr photo page to see more of her awesome work.

Of course the theme is available in three versions – one each for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and then a zipped package that just contains the background images that can be used on any computer system.

NASA images included in the theme:

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8003329018_ab0a4f805e_k 8003326229_b61396eca7_k
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8002963519_1cd5783eaa_k 8003228430_4a68364ed3_k

Jen Scheer’s image that is included in the theme:



Download Space Shuttle Endeavour Final Departure (Wallpapers)

Download Space Shuttle Endeavour Final Departure (Windows 7 Themepack)

Download Space Shuttle Endeavour Final Departure (Windows 8 DeskThemepack)