I just checked the Windows Store and it is sittingjust over 1,300 apps currently available and I decided to have a search to find apps that link up with one of my other passions – space.

Although it is only in its infancy, the Windows Store has a nice selection of apps that I would call space related with a mix between free and paid apps.  Let me show you three of the free apps I think are well worth installing once Windows 8 is available to everyone in late October or even now if your testing it like I am.

Note; Descriptions and photos are all from the app’s entry in the Windows Store.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD)


Application ‘Astronony Picture of the Day’ allows simple yet beautiful browsing through current and older astronomy pictures from the eponymous site. It also automatically updates the Live Tile each day so you never miss any picture. Must-have application for any astronomy fan!

Star Chart


Star Chart, the definitive star gazing and astronomy app, gives you a virtual window into the visible universe. Make the most of your powerful Windows 8 device and hold it up to the sky. Star Chart will tell you exactly what you are looking at! Augmented Reality (AR) mode is available on tablets & devices with accelerometer and digital magnetometer sensors. Alternatively, explore the universe from the comfort of your desktop to learn about the wonders of our solar system and beyond. Using state of the art GPS technology, an accurate 3D universe and the latest high-tech sensor functionality, Star Chart calculates – in real time – the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and shows you precisely where they are; even in broad daylight! Want to know what that bright star is called? Point your AR device at it – you might just find out it’s a planet! Want to know how the night sky appears to people on the other side of the earth? Well just point your AR device down!
Want to know where your star sign is in the sky? Star Chart will tell you all this and much more. So point your Windows 8 AR device at the sky and see what’s out there!

Space Station Finder


Space Station Finder will show you exactly when the International Space Station (ISS) will appear in the next 24 hours based on your current location. A clear visual representation of its path overhead and which direction to face will allow you to know exactly when and where in the sky to view this satellite as it orbits the earth. (The time it appears and vanishes is also displayed). You have the option to use the GPS coordinates of your device, or manually enter other cities or ZIP codes to see when and where else in the world it will appear. Impress your friends with your stellar expertise!