A few months ago people were wondering if Microsoft new bold Metro platform will be a viable platform to attract developers and businesses alike seeing the popularity of the Desktop and the Fischer-Price environment called Metro. Well, I have got news for those people, not only are developers buying into Metro (currently there are 1318 Apps in the Store), but businesses are buying into it too. There are notable business and serious Apps in the store right now, and today I want to mention one that has just dropped into the Store: The Stanford University App.


Gone are the days that education is only limited to four-walls of a  University, these days you can be living in Kabul and be following a serious course online in Austin Texas. Stanford University App gives you the opportunity to follow some controversial courses online and be introduced to the University in general and preview their courses.

Quoting SU the Publishers:





Tap into the world-class teaching and groundbreaking research of Stanford University faculty, instructors, and lecturers. With the Stanford University Windows8 App, you have cutting-edge webinars, seminars, and lectures at your fingertips. Browse videos in computer science and engineering, entrepreneurship and innovation, leadership and management, and more. Meet Stanford professors, including Donald Knuth, John Mitchell, Dan Boneh, Robert Sutton, and Tom Kosnik.

Watch webinars and seminars
Get to know Stanford faculty
Preview Stanford online courses

See more in Windows Store via the link below.

Source: Windows Store