Here are this past week’s updates to several of Microsoft’s Dynamic RSS Windows themes with a particularly large update for the Bing Maps European Aerial Imagery theme.

Bing Maps Aerial Images of Europe

Sant Lloren� del Munt Catalonia, Spain Weser River Bremen, Germany
Grenada, Spain Naples, Italy
Martos, Spain Piazzale Selinunte Milan, Italy
GeoArt: Le Rh�neNorth of Villeurbanne, France Highway interchangeSouthwest of Tivoli, Italy
Teign/English Chanel - south of city of Teignmouth, England Route d'AbilsEast of Boutervilliers, France

Bing Maps Aerial Images of US

Gray's Peak, elevation 14,270'Torrey's Peak, elevation 14,267'Arapaho National Forest, CO Bayou Biloxi, East of New Orleans, LA
Edge of Lake Borgne, East of New Orleans, LA  


Hoverfly in sunflower

Flora (Flowers)

Yellow Flower Wildflower in seed
Artichoke flower Rays of sunlight through grass
Purple and pink flower  

Terra (Landscapes)

Cherokee Rock Village, Alabama, U.S. Snow scene, England, U.K (black and white)

Aqua Dynamic

Pacific sky Kona coast, Hawaii, U.S.
Sunrise over Lake Michigan, U.S.