Back in early July I wrote about Soluto and how it was one of my two favorite free software programs and I continue to use this software to help maintain a handful of PC’s for my family and friends.

Well today Soluto is introducing a new feature that will make it even easier for those folks I help out to ask a question when they have an issue on their computers – it is called Quick Question.

According to the press release from the Israeli based software company this feature can be used when a tech issue arises and is available via a single press of the F8 key on their keyboard.

An email is sent to the user’s friend providing her with all of the information she needs to understand what’s gone wrong and allowing her to respond directly to the query or log in to Soluto to help her friend remotely solve the PC predicament. Quick Question enables PC problems to be caught and resolved in real time by the people users know and trust.

As part of the email that is sent to their tech support friend a screenshot is automatically included along with other technical details of what the PC is doing so that they can receive some help.

In the long run this feature is intended to reduce the frustration some PC users experience when they are trying to install third party devices, software programs or have other errors on their machines.

In fact, Soluto did not create this feature without knowing it was necessary.  Along with the release of the new feature, which is available as of today, they conducted a survey of more than 1,400 PC users and found the types of issues that cause them frustration.

In addition to setting up and using other devices (25.7%), the survey of more than 1400 people found that computer users also struggle with slow PCs and crashes (23.7%), viruses (18.5%) and connecting to the Internet (14.1%). 46.8% of people who help their friends receive calls for IT help at least a few times per month.

So as I said back in July, if you are your family and friends un-official tech support then you should check out Soluto as it can help you eliminate a lot of the issues that can impact a computers performance and help reduce the frustration of its users.

Here are screenshots of the Quick Question feature in action:

Soluto QQ 1 - after pressing F8

Soluto QQ 2 - how the questions looks in an email

Soluto QQ 3 - how the question looks on the web

Soluto’s standard offer allows you to remotely support up to five other computers. For more information visit their FAQ page.