Our regular Windows Phone App Flow contributor, Travis Pope, also runs the enConnected website which covers all kinds of entertainment related stories.

Travis has been a long time Zune Pass subscriber acquiring nearly 88,000 107,000 plays through the service run by Microsoft.

Well he is reporting over on enConnected tonight about an email he and likely other Zune Pass subscribers received from Microsoft which informs them of significant changes coming to the service.  According to Travis these are apparently changes that will not be making their way to Microsoft’s new Xbox Music service that is expected to be predominantly featured in Windows 8 and on the Xbox 360.

Changes will include the lost of MixView, and all channel playlists, the ability to purchase or stream music videos through the Zune Software, downloading, re-activating or re-licensing music videos, the complete loss of the ability to download apps for the Zune HD, and our personal favorite “sending and receiving messages, inviting friends, sharing the songs, playlists, and albums you are listening to, and viewing past play history”

The changes will take effect in two days on 31 August 2012.

Although I am not a Zune Pass subscriber I would have to agree with Travis about this killing off the social which Zune was built upon.