Earlier this week Twitter announced upcoming changes to their Twitter API rules for third party apps which initiated a discussion across the web about the impact those restrictions might have on said apps and developers.

Well it appears that Twitter has their first casualty of those upcoming changes and this directly impacts a new app that just appeared in the Windows Store since RTM – glƏƏk!.


glƏƏk! is self described by the devs as the coolest, fastest Twitter app on the planet and has been in the Windows Phone Marketplace since March of this year and seems to be a pretty popular app as it has 4.5 stars based on 217 ratings as of this posting.

In a logical step for their app the developers released a fan preview of the app for the Windows Store in the last few days however, yesterday, they announced on their Twitter account they would be pulling the app from the Windows Store.

As you can see in the above Twitter conversation they still intend to release an updated version of the Windows Phone app at the end of August and they told me via Twitter that they intend to continue to develop the Windows Phone version unless Twitter makes it so restrictive/cost prohibitive that key functionality would have to be removed.

They also added “Although understandable, all in all it’s a poor, short-sighted choice for Twitter. When you struggle you should EMBRACE Indys. :)”

So what do you think of Twitters new API rules and the potential impact it could have on third party apps? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Let us know in the comments below.