Welcome to Episode 59. As I say in the show thanks for your patience while I was recovering from a bad chest infection after that last show! In this episode we talk about Windows 8 RTM; the tablets boom; what it is like to develop for the iPhone platform; new Twitter API rules for 3rd party apps; no Metro is not being banned in app names in the Windows 8 Store; SkyDrive.com’s modern facelift; 10 million Outlook.com users already; YouTube copyright claims require you to reveal personal details to unknown parties; land and drive the Mars Science Laboratory Rover Curiosity; Windows 8 is a very secure OS; new updates for Windows Photo Gallery and Movie Maker in Windows Essential 2012 and the inflight WiFi company GoGo offers free eBay shopping to customers on Delta and Virgin Atlantic.

Make sure you check out the show notes below for links to all the sources. Enjoy and as always thanks for listening!

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